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Breeder of Cove Angels

Hello Doodle Lovers!

This is me and my daughter Nicole. I also have a son who lives in Florida, with his beautiful wife and their three children. Raising my young children was the best part of my life. Now that they are grown and on their own, I now put all that love and attention into raising puppies!

I have been breeding doodles for over 10 years, here in New England. Prior to that, I bred Golden Retrievers and Labs. I started out with  breeding F1 Goldendoodle and F1 Labradoodles, buy adding poodles to my breeding line.. I currently am breeding Double Doodles and multi generation doodles. Bernedoodles nd Aussiedoodles on a smaller scale.  With the exception of Bernedoodle puppies, my puppies usually mature in the lot to high 40 lbs.

On a special note, I want to express that I have a very high rating with the families of puppies I have placed. Within these past 10 years I have gone from a hobby breeder to a legal breeder, and have placed just 1,000 doodles as Cove Angels, Inc. in that time. Unfortunately "all living creatures can and do develop health issues", like human children and adults can. I do not have any hereditary issues or generic traits that could be transferred to a puppy in my breeding line. There are a few unpleasant remarks about Cove Angels on the web, a very meager number of  unhappy people for whatever reason they state. I have just a very large number of  very happy people out there in New England. Cove Angels does not have with a 100% rating, but pretty darn close to it. I feel that people should judge on what they see and experience, not just based an opinion on what they read.

I love what I do, that is why I put everything I have into breeding puppies. Giving them all the love and attention they deserve as well as early intervention, socialation they need, and training them to be respectful and well mannered so to be a family member, not just a puppy to take home.

Kerry Angell

Breeder and owner of Cove Angels