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Winter/Rosco puppies born Feb. 28th!

~ F1  Bernedoodles coming 2019 ~

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Visits welcome! (508) 558-2221

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Doodles are always in a home environment


Our dogs are raised in our home. They are very respectful and well behaved. They know to stay in the yard without running away, they know not to jump up on visitors, especially with children, no overwhelming welcome from any of them. 

Being very socialized and respectful, that is what we expect here at "the Cove".

 Our puppies pick up such traits, by mentoring adults. In the house, on the deck, getting baths, being grommed, sitting down quietly while we eat, never any aggression of any kind. Just love bug like teddy bears. All who come to visit leave with a smile and a good feeling of wanting one of our puppies. Dogs here are not just dogs, they all are family members, all loved beyond words.

Always have lots of room and time to play


Dogs as well as puppies, definitely need room to run and play. Enough free space and plenty of quality time for them to vent pent up energy, to be a dog, and to play like one, with one. No matter how much we love our dogs, they have the need to play in a different way than they do with their human family.

 Too much down time, will make for an overweight dog eventually. Dogs are happier and healthier when they can play their way with their own kind. Even if it is only done weekly or monthly. Play is part of a healthy routine in every dog's life.

Socialization and early intervention is key.


Puppies need life experiences at a young age. We believe that early intervention of manners and respect towards people is essential. Following in the footsteps of our pack gives them guidance what is acceptable and what is not.

 Owners need to be in charge, or else the puppy will happily be...then they get older having no rules. Not good. We want your puppy to be a true family member, a well mannerd dog you will always want with you and to be proud of.

Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit 

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Doodle Litters at The Cove

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Monday/ Friday: By appointment 

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Sunday:  By appointment 

Appointments are made to ensure one on one time with breeder, to better serve the needs of those looking for a puppy.

In additions, you will be coming into our home, so we would like to know when that would be.

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